Our Vision

LEAP of WNY provides leadership in literacy that results in an increase in the number of people engaged in negotiating the conditions of their lives. Our organization will emphasize literacy as a vehicle to transformational and autonomous thinking.

We believe that literacy should encourage people to challenge and change their world, not merely, uncritically, adapt themselves to it

Our Mission

Powerful literacy involves creativity, analysis, synthesis, and critical evaluation. Opposed to viewing individuals as victims, we embed literacy skills in problem-solving activities that raise consciousness about their own power to control and improve conditions in their lives and communities.


  • Sustain a professional reading clinic for the diagnosis of reading difficulties
  • Improve the literacy abilities of school-age children and youth who struggle with reading and writing
  • Provide access to quality children’s books and electronic information
  • Improve and enrich the lives of children in school and everyday life
  • Promote literacy as a tool for self-determination and empowerment
  • Serve as a literacy resource for the community